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July 23, 2008


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Have you seen the recent report from Idea, a non-profit group dedicated to using technology effectively in education, is based on a survey of designers, operators and users of websites.
Some stats:
Over 80 percent of designers believe that good visual design is important. Only about 50 percent of visitors agree.
According to the survey, about 70 percent of designers believe that visitors are almost always able to maintain orientation, which is defined as knowing “where they are, where they can go next, and which pages are related.” But only about 10 percent of visitors report being able almost always to maintain their orientation.
Not sure what to make of these numbers.
Keep up the great blogging!

Great comment Sean, thanks. I want to post about that survey.

I'd be interested in having a look at the survey if someone wouldn't mind posting a link. My Google-fu is quite low as I'm unable to land specific links on anything related to idea non-profit, etc.

Without reading the survey, anyone reading this blog would have been able to make these statements:

- Designers think their sites have positive qualities. The grand majority of sites aren't tested, so they will be mostly inaccurate.

- Users care more about getting things done and less about how things look. Read Emotional Design to see why these statements would indicate we spend less time on appearance are hokum (also, see Apple).

Curious to see your thoughts, Joshua.


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