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February 15, 2009


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I also start to doubt the relation between graphic and web more and more, sure they have the 2d in common. But in many cases their goals are completely different. Maybe we could split web design in two sections:
- Websites that have readable content as main goal - newspapers blogs etc, they have much in common with graphic design
-Websites where you should do something (webapps) I feel these are much more related to industrial design than graphic design.
Most websites are of course a mix between those too, but I think every webdesigner should know as much about the problems and solutions from industrial design as they should know from graphical design.

Thanks for the comment Sjors. I'm still doubtful that industrial design applies very much, even to the design of web applications. Web designers don't need to consider materials, cost per unit, and point of sale packaging. Functionality design (affordance) involves a metaphorical translation, and many great controls in industry (knobs, or example) work poorly online.

It's helpful to be aware of industrial design, but Web design still owes much more to graphic design, in my opinion.

What was the relevance of web design in graphic design?


Hi Faith, I'm not sure what you're asking that wasn't covered in the blog post. Would you clarify your question?

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