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May 25, 2007


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When I was at Oz-IA a couple of weeks back I saw a presentation by SlideShare's
Rashmi Sinha. She is also a UX professional and created MindCanvas.

Her presentation gave the Aussie IAs in the room a reality 'kick up the bum'. Basically, she said that they developed Slideshare with a GOOD IDEA not usability. Usability comes later in the form cusomer service (feedback).

In a community people will give you feedback for free. So long as your idea was good in the first place.

She does not write off UX altogether, she is a UX professional herself! The Audio mixing element of Slideshare was so new and difficult that is DID undergo usability. What this tells us is that there are not hard and fast rules, it all depends on the context of use and the business you are working with/for!

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