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July 23, 2007


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I hear you!

I thought I'd transfer all my services to Telstra (Australia) in an effort to simplify billing (and save paper...).

So I got a:
- Mobile wireless card
- Land line
- 3 mobile phones
- Foxtel

Over the last 4 months I have been trying to get them on one bill...And spent at leasta day doing it. Last week I got 4 bills and one of them (the smallest) was unpaid as it arrived late... The next day my landline and Foxtel were cut off. So I called them and they reinstated the service... kindly reversing the late payment fee!

However, the Foxtel didn't come back on and when I rang them about it they said, that's not our problem, call Telstra!


Anyhow, the Foxtel came back on - I still ave 4 bills... in 3 different names...


I react the same way: even as someone who's sympathetic to environmental causes, I almost want to request paper bills just because I know they're being disingenuous. It reminds me of the signs in the hotel bathrooms asking me to reuse towels, usually accompanied by pictures of the forest and a horror story about all of the water and detergent the hotel is using. Here's an idea for the hotel owners: if you're so concerned about the environment, why not do something about it, instead of dumping the problem on your customers?

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