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October 17, 2007


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I used to work on the technology side of the tradeshow industry, and we used 2D barcodes for name badges. Functionally, they were great, and they allowed us to provide additional services to the attendees, but visually they were an eyesore. Some attendees did wonder why we put a big blotch on their badge.

I suspect that virtually all of the printed barcode forms will be replaced by wireless tags (such as RFID) eventually. It's primarily an issue of cost and ease of production at this point.

Thanks for the comment Dr. Pete. I was really impressed to see potential cell phone integration with 2D barcodes. That seems beyond what cell phones are likely to handle with RFID. There's got to be a killer app in there somewhere!

Maybe adding color will make them less of an eyesore? :)


Thanks for your comment, Rob. High-capacity color barcodes sound like a great innovation.

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