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January 15, 2008


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Good points, Joshua. I can't count how many headaches I've gotten from giving coworkers or management too many unconstrained options to consider. People start telling you about their color preferences, some cool website they found, or how they would write the copy, and completely miss the bigger picture.

Hi Joshua,
Sweet article!

Note* I am a internet project manager, not a designer. I usually manage the design proces with an art director and up to 3 designers.

In general I agree to your points. However, I do tend to sometimes present a bronze, silver, gold design, where silver is usually on par with the clients budget. They tend to go for gold.
Some additional points:
In case of large website design projects, also explain to the stakeholder which input was used, what the process was and who was consulted. This is especially important when presenting to a board of directors or similar level.

Another small tip, I usually bring the designs in digital and on foam boards. On the back of the foam boards I always glue a business card. Foam board designs tend to travel a lot; I have more than once done business from a foam board lead.


I find that actually doing the designs with as many of the stakeholders in the room at the time is the best way to get thongs through quickly!

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