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April 28, 2008


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You overlooked another reason amazon is the default book link: they have a great affiliate program that lets you get a little money if someone buys stuff after following your link.

Other bookstores do in fact have affiliate programs (Powell's, Booksense, BN) but Amazon is just so entrenched for the reasons Joshua mentions that I think it's hard for them to get a hold. TypePad (and probably other blogging software) also makes it far easier to link to Amazon than anyone else.

Thank you both for the comments. It's true that Amazon has a good affiliate program, but my guess is most bloggers earn such little revenue with it, it's not a major factor in why they point to Amazon.

I'll have to try the TypePad integration Kevin ... I've been linking the old fashioned way.

IMDB is the default movie link. Google is the default search link.

For books, I much prefer a link to librarything.com. That's because I like their site more as a bibliographic source. But Amazon tends to be my default for actually buying books online (probably for the same reasons it's the default link).

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