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May 07, 2008


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I love that! I can understand the criticism, because there's clearly an emotional element to all the faces... it's impossible to avoid. But that's what makes it interesting - the faces are easy to view holistically, but it's also easy to drill down into the parts. For example, it's easy to glance at the faces and see that heat maps and hyperbolic trees support the largest data sets.

Interesting exercise. I'm not sure these are appropriate for wide use, because as you say they are a little humorous, but if nothing else it is a good way to teach the concept of trying to convey multiple types of data in a single visualization.

Thanks for the comment Terry. The ability to focus on details without losing the overall context is a critical piece of a successful information visualization. Glad these seem to be supporting that!

i have one complaint. you make this look so easy to produce!

great stuff...

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