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May 11, 2008


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I have been tracking Clay Shirky myself and, as part of my daily study of various leaders (peoples & companies), I recently did a cliff notes writeup of his presentation @ TechExpo 2.0 around the topic here:


So if you want another man's opinion on what he emphasized (like how Gin drove the Industrial revolution and how TV is our Gin today) might be worth a gander. Either way ... good stuff.

Hope it helps

That's a very interesting idea - the concept that TV is driving more activity than it has. I wonder how much of that is related to cable. As options increase, people are drawn to their favorite show, and it seems like the audience is splintering. The show you choose is one the show that means the most to you - you're more likely to have something to say about it.

As far as standardizing on widgets goes, I think we have to wait for a good and/or popular one. It's tough (impossible?) to pick a winner in advance. There are new entrants to the race every week, and how do you know which one will catch on?

there's an interesting dialogue called 'socially intelligent computing' between shirky and daniel goleman (author of emotional intelligence) which i thought you might find interesting. there are free samples available on the publisher's website, www.morethansound.net

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