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September 25, 2008


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Give Balsamiq a try and see if you like it. Pretty cool from my perspective

By the way; having a commenter to enter a captcha is a pretty lousy user experience. Too lazy to actually provide good usability over your own blog?

Well Marc, the captcha didn't keep you from commenting twice. :) Comment spam hinders usability too. What's your solution?

Good round-up, Josh. I'd like to see you review desktop apps (with maybe Balsamiq and Axure in the mix). My team is stuck in Visio on a long-term consulting project, but it was our client's decision to use it. We're also a PC-based organization.

Marc, I think TypePad requires captchas by default (if I'm wrong, you're on your own Josh!). I also don't know if TypePad's spam detection is up to par with Wordpress. That said, the reCAPTCHA project actually isn't that bad, but that's more of a short-term solution to the larger problem of the necessity to use them at all (due to poor spam prevention that is unable to keep up with sophisticated spamming methods).

By the way; having English text on your site, but no clear way to switch to English is a pretty lousy user experience ;)

Thanks Andrew, I'll definitely take a look at Balsamiq.

Axure doesn't interest me right now because it's not a web app, but there are several reviews out there. Kirsten Robinson probably has some slides from the UPA Boston mini she could share.

Thanks for the comments on Gliffy; we are aware of some of the issues with keyboard shortcuts. As for getting objects into your Gliffy diagrams, you can upload images and manipulate them in Gliffy. Not quite as ideal as simply pasting them in, but there is a way to do it.

Appreciate your thoughts on the general UI, too. I think we are going for a "users familiar with Visio will get this" type of vibe.

I've also heard good things about balsamiq.com as a wireframing tool.... Though I recommend actual pen and paper.

Thanks for the comment Greg. Pen and paper are great, but they don't fit the needs I listed at the beginning of of the post. You cannot share and collaborate efficiently with remote coworkers if you don't use digital tools.

Have you already discovered RapidRabb.it? It is kind of a web based paper prototyping tool. Although it is still in Beta, i'd like to point you to the preview version (http://rapidrabb.it/preview) where you can experience all its current features. Upcoming features are more shortcuts (and also Mac shortcuts) and real time collaboration, as in Google Docs.

Axure Pro is great.

Try MockupScreens. And it seems new version is just around the corner:

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