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October 17, 2008


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Great article, Josh!

When we were hiring software engineers and a new associate PM this fall, we interviewed many people with varying degrees of experience and many different personality types.

Here are some of the more successful questions we posed.

Ask the candidate to...

  • Describe a work conflict and how they dealt with it (kind of generic--but some of the answers were very enlightening)
  • Talk about a time they saw room for improvement, and what they did to make change happen. What was the impact?
  • Talk about a time their job required them to perform a task they didn't understand how to do--how'd they handle it?
  • Describe what they would do if they had to stay late or do something outside the norm to get the job done.

Another successful tactic: Describe to them specifics of what the job entails, then ask them to describe what sounds appealing about the job, and what doesn't.

We also did group interviews (so the candidates could meet the team and the team could meet the candidates) and a mini group brainstorm so both sides could get a sense of current and potential team dynamics.

Thanks for the tips Chris!

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