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March 10, 2009


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There's at least two in a thousand. Soon as I get a spam twit from someone I follow, I promptly unfollow.

Granted, it hasn't happened to me very often as of yet. My use and appreciation of Twitter is completely unserious though, almost exclusively for jokes and the occasional brief yet bilious rant. Most of the people I follow (and the few who follow me) would likely react to twittled spam in a similarly choleric fashion.

Is Twitter doomed to become the equivalent of a tedious radio call-in contest? ("The 532nd tweet wins a free bucket of lard!") Probably not, but the signal to noise ratio is worsening exponentially.

Spamming is very common in blogging, and I hate it. I own a blog and I always encounter a spamming comments. I use to delete it from the post in the first attempt but in the second time,third or more than that, I banned the URL of the commenter.


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